Thursday, December 29, 2011

Twas a few days after Christmas...

With my kale and berry protein smoothy in hand, I reflect on how merry my Christmas was.  Which I might add is much easier since my wonderful husband took the 4 kids out to play at Indigo this morning.  Allowing me to sleep in till 9:30!!!!  I walked down the book filled stairs, dodged a few cars and trucks on the floor, ignored the bowls of half eaten cereal on the table and walked straight up to my new Tassimo brewer.  I choose my coffee, made it, put two GF pancakes in the toaster and put together my protein smoothy.  sigh****

Twas a couple days after Christmas, when all through the house,
Not creature (or kid) was stirring, well possibly a mouse..
The stockings were sprawled all over the floor, without care
In hopes that mom or dad wouldn't notice they were there.

The children's eyes glued to their brand new toys
While I see visions of sugar and chocolate smeared all over the boys
And mamma in her yoga pants, dad in his sweater
Had just nestled away our credit cards for hope of a long winter's break

When browsing the net their arose such good sales...
Mark sprang from the chair to see the price match scales
Away to the van, kids in tow, like a flash
Tore down the highway and braving the rush

The moon on the breast of the future shop sign
Gave him courage to continue with loud children all aglow
When, what to his wondering eyes should appear?
But a parking lot full and no space to steer clear.

With his grown man pride, so lively and quick
I knew he would make me wait in with the kids
More rapid, he promised, he went running full force
And I whistled and shouted and tried not to call them names

"Now Annaliese!, now Luke!, now Patrick and Ellie"
Stop fighting and whining and crying and screaming
To the top of my lungs, I yelled at them all
Now come on Mark run back with your haul

As God is my witness, I love my four children
But give me a break here, I'm still only human
So finally he gets back, with me close to tear
He's laughing and grinning from ear to ear

And then as we pull out of our spot in this mess
He tells me he got most of the stuff from his list
But still needs to make one more little stop
Ha!, I say, you stay while I shop!

He agrees, we've done enough, Time for lunch then a nap
And when they awake, we'll  do it all over in a snap
But, we heard them exclaim, as they fell asleep in their beds
Happy Christmas to us and we can't wait till the next!