Thursday, December 22, 2011

My attempt to defy all logic and reason!!!

"Come on now... losing weight during the holiday's?" " You have got to be kidding!"  How is that possible you ask!  Well for one, yes I am trying to do that.  I'm not actually sure it will work but I'll let you know how I plan on doing it!  I am going into this feat fully knowing that I might not lose weight, but I sure as hell am not going to gain any!  Unlike most people!!! Relax, unbunch your merry little stockings... you know it's true.  Everyone gains weight over the holidays, more booze, tons of parties, cookies, giant meals with booze... and not enough time to exercise because SOOOO many things to do for the holidays.  I get it, I've said it and done it!  But not this year, this year I have extra baby fat to chuck out the window so this is my game plan...

1) Business as usual: I will continue to eat my regular lean protein laden 5-6 small meals a day, with my spinash smoothies and giant salads!  I mean the big day is just that... one day...
2) But the parties you say...  Well honestly who in their right mind wants to invite me and my giant crew of little monkeys... I mean... we are a party... 6 of us!   But truthfully we are keeping close to home this year!
3) I will avoid adding the "only one pump" of peppermint sugar shot in my coffee from Starbucks (unless I'm going to the gym that day) then I can calorically afford it.  (did I just make up a new word?)
4) Being GF helps this but: I will have to make my own christmas cookies if I want to eat them (so they will be healthy and low GI (glycemic index) because I'll use coconut sugar and chia seeds.
5) To fend off temptation I'll keep dark chocolate (my favorite is the Camino 71% cocoa)  near at hand, like when Mark walks in the door with his boxes of home baked cookies from his students. 
6) I will continue my gym routine as best as I can! or add to it.  Mark will be home for the next two weeks so no reason I can't work out in the morning.
7) drink tons and tons of water!!!!  I am aiming for 3 Litres a day!
8) I will try to avoid consuming sugar for as long as possible throughout the day... so the goal is to avoid temptations until the end of the day, that way I don't get a spike in my blood sugar (then the spike in insulin)... resulting in the next drop in blood sugar... which always makes me want to have more sugar... always... best in my case to just have that cookie after diner or dark chocolate with my tea at night... 
9) Ok now I'll see if Mark is reading my blog... but I think I'll be playing the kinect game he bought me that I accidentally found under the passenger seat in the car... It was an honest mistake, I was moving the seat back to reach my water bottle and found the game and looked at it...  It's one of the fitness ones :D  I wonder if I can challenge him...  ha ha ha.. a fitness duel between husband and wife... could be epic!  (yes ok I am that dorky) but I am super competitive so this could be really great to burn off extra cookies!

I've become so distracted wondering who would win this made up competition,that I can't think of #10...  Mark is strong but I'm pretty fit so my endurance is good, I am way more kinesthetically aware so my posture is spot on... but Mark can use his brute strength and stubbornness to win most competitions... however I'm used to fitness routines... I don't know... 

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  1. I feel like a broken record. You do not need to lose weight. You do not need to look like a skeleton. You are beautiful and healthy as is.