Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hot tubbin' and snugglin'

One of Mark's co-worker's has a hot tub outside and invited us over!  They babysat Ellie-Lynne while we hit the tub and had a great time :D 

Ok I am struggling with my weight... as per usual but I'm also trying to gain confidence and just "be happy" or good with the way that I am (see Jen I am trying!!!).  So here are some pictures 4 weeks after Ellie-Lynne was born.  My daughter wanted to strut her stuff too!

And now the cuddle pictures...


  1. Look at your hot body! And you're lucky to have a pretty face too. We all know people who are weird looking no matter how thin they get. BTW: do the Christmas Meme (on my blog) I hereby tag you!

  2. Dude, I saw you at super crazy preggo and whether you believe it or not, you ARE beautiful! It's hard to feel it when you are preggo or just after your baby, but you are brave to post pics of yourself, especially so soon after having your baby. With the way you work out, I have no doubts, you will be posting fab pics of yourself in no me, I wouldn't be posting pics of myself! Not even now, 2 years after having Abby! Don't be so hard on yourself!