Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lunch is less than 2

When I got home today after my morning out... I was starving,  I needed something FAST!  Nothing in the fridge to re-heat... AHHHHhhh what to eat, what to eat!  Ok so after calming down, I realized I had TONs of food available to eat.  So this is what I did, opened a can of tuna, added fresh salsa (and threw in in the microwave for 1 minute), I grabbed a bowl, filled it with spinash, cut up some cucs, and orange pepper, and grabbed the greek yogourt out of the fridg... BEEP... Ok tuna out, mix in greek yogourt, add to spinash, top with veggies and rice chips!  sigh... lunch...  NOW....  If I had taken something frozen (pre-made, processed) oh I don't know, a frozen pizza or something it would have taken me way way longer to get food.  

Ok so I'm not perfect...  I do eat deserts, this is a GF danish from the Oakville Bakery (Voila)

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  1. Warmed up tuna? Never tried! I make the same thing but cold.