Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sweet day 5!

Today I overslept and woke up to a panicked house getting ready for swimming lessons.  So all I had time to do was make a smoothy for my breakfast.  Then the rest of the day I just felt kind of off. I missed my oatmeal, I was starving by 10, and had my leftover curried apple stir fry, but then I felt so tired!!!  so I had a nap, then back up to bring Annaliese to her gymnastics.  I ate a bag of sweet potato chips, 1 once, ha ha... I had to laugh at that!  But they said they were kettle cooked.  What does that mean? I'll have to look it up later. Anyway, decaf coffee in hand I enjoyed my time "watching" ie. reading most of the hour and half.  Then back home to chaos and cleaning!  Thus is my Saturday.. fun stuff isn't it! But you'll notice the theme of today's food was "sweet" because I just felt so much better after having a bit of "allowable" sugar.

- 1/2cup frozen strawberries
- scoop veg. protein powder
- acidopholus/bifidus powder
- wheat grass powder
- tbsp raw almond butter
-unsweetened almond milk

leftover apple curry (that had tempeh and athletes mix, tomatoes and onion)
decaf coffee with some soy
(a bit later- my sweet potato chips)

1/2 cucumber
can of tuna with olive oil
veggie chips

a nice big serving of sweet potato curry humus
7 or 8 celery stalks
1/3 cucumber
1/4 of a sweet potato made into chips
1/2 a giant apple
2 big mugs of decaf rooibos tea with unsweetened almond milk


This sweet potato  humus is amazing!  The secret is to warm up the chick peas before adding them to the food processor. 
- 1 can of washed and drained (no salt added) chick peas
- a smallish or medium sized sweet potato (cooked and soft)
- 2 tbsp tahini
- curry powder to taste (add as little or much as you would like)
- a sprinkle of garlic powder (probably not necessary, but I like it to offset the lack of salt)
- add the water leftover from heating(boiling) your sweet potato

sweet potato chips used to scoop up the dip!

After all that humus I only had room for 1/2 this apple. 
My kids absolutely love this humus!  I was hoping for some leftovers for tomorrow... no such luck!

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