Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Christmas Gift 2011

This year Mark surprised me with a one night stay in a hotel.  And boy oh boy was I excited for this one.  I left the house this morning around 11 so that I could stop for some gas and free Starbucks' coffee (the one in the January tumbler) and still make it in time to make it to the Goodlife for the 12:15 class.  Alas I misread the schedule and the CXWorxs class that I thought was starting, was actually next week.  Oh well, I ran on the tread mill and did some weights.  After this I picked up some lunch (Thai express) mild tofu curried with veggies which was yummy!   At this point I checked into my hotel room. (I love you Mark!!!) and ate my lunch while finding out what I could do in the evening. 

I decided to visit Starbucks (again) to get some more free coffee and read some of new book.  After this I left and came back to the hotel room, played around on the internet, then got ready for a good workout.

I went back to the gym for 5:30 so I could do an exercise class before the hot yoga I was planning on.  The class was pretty cool (not super hard) but a good warm up for hot yoga.  "On the ball" used alot of equipment: a ball, a flexi bar, some weights, a mat, and these hand held sand shakers (ug I don't remember what they are callled)... but I did 50 minutes of the class and had fun.  The hot yoga was freakin hot... I can't actually remember sweating out so much in a class... ever!  So that was good.   I am happy to report my calorie burn at 1193!

On my way home I stopped at Mint; an indian bistro and bought some fish (marinated in yogourt and mint) and Thai express for some soup.  When I got back to the hotel I chowed down!!!  I also opened my bottle or red wine and enjoyed this with my meal.  After diner I went for a dip in the hotel hot tub, I brought my playbook so I could read some more.  By now it's 11pm, I'm watching some tv and enjoying my red wine and dark chocolat!  Tonight I plan on SLEEPING!!!!  without waking up :D  Tomorrow I'll have breakfast, go  back to the gym for a 10:30 yoga fit class and then head home! 

Thus concludes my most amazing Christmas present!!!!


  1. That is TRULY an amazing gift for a mom of four!! Good for you! Glad to hear you had a great 24 hour vacation!