Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Green Juice is back!!!

Just look at that gorgeous colour!!!  That my friends is 2 romain hearts, 3 celery stalk, a handful of kale leaves with stalks and a whole lemon (peal and all)... I know... weird right! well it's how it's done in the juicing world so... be it.  I dusted off the juicer today because eating salad today was getting on my nerves, I am tiered of so many veggies in one day.  Seriously I know it's good for me but 12-14 handfuls of veggies????

 I have to admit that cooler plan 1 is tough, not stupid hard.. mostly just annoying.  I want healthy food that I'm used to like peanut butter, berries and avocados, but they aren't in the plan for the next 11 days.. oh yes by the way. I have survived 3 days.  Headaches, cravings, basic detox (well not completely I haven't given up caffeine) but still pretty intense.  I've continued at the gym even though I haven't had my usual energy, I can feel a cold coming on. You know when your neck glands swell up?  and it hurts to swallow in the morning and before bed! Ya that.  Hopefully I can avoid the full on cold though!  Sleep is something in this equation that I am not getting enough of.  Patrick is waking up, because he doesn't like having a wet diaper and the baby is waking up to nurse!  Yay party time in our house at 4 am every day!

Well I'll leave you with a photo of my green juice, in my starbucks cup, with ice and lemon wedges and my cup of tuna (low sodium, jardiniere spice, a small celery, a few cherry tomatoes and a spray of lemon).  Yes this is pretty much what I'm eating a few times a day.  Not the tuna a few times a day but 4 meals with protein and veggies only!  The other two I can have 1 serving of grains and 1 fist sized sweet potato.  But the main point is that you basically eliminate most of the sugar (either fruit based, refined or unrefined)... no sugar and the only oils are from hemp (but I think ones like olive or pumpkin or walnut would be ok) but no more than 4 tbsp a day or less. 

Please direct your prayers my way... thank you... I am in need of strength and will power :D

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  1. You amaze me. That tuna cup looks so good. Its 11am and I want to eat....... If I can get through till the weekend I think I'll be Ok Your doing amazing