Tuesday, January 3, 2012

after a 2 hour work out...

I come home and eat!  Tonight I had made (before leaving for the gym) an egg white omelet that consisted of mostly leftovers from yesterday's meal.  Yesterday was our big fancy turkey meal, which was of course turkey, homemade stuffing (with sage from my garden), roasted rosemary (also from the herb garden)  potatoes, and roasted broccoli and a mix of steamed veggies.  So I chopped up some onion, celery and the roasted potatoes and fried them up in the cast iron pan.  Mark also asked that I add some turkey so I chopped up cubes of turkey and added that as well as some rosemary for flavour.  I took out about 1/3 of this and added chopped spinach and poured out 1/2 carton (well almost) of egg whites.  I poured my omelett mixture into my smaller cast iron pan, added a layer of hemp hears and a bit of mozza cheese and covered it till it was cooked.

I am now totally savoring this meal as I write this!  I did eat about and hour and half before going to the gym (which is probably too long before a workout) and after the first hour I had a GF  protein bar.  Thank goodness because ouch the second hour was pump (combat was first).  This is my first combat/pump double since having the baby and I am going to be sore in the morning.  But alas... no pain no gain! 

Mark got me a new chest strap for my heart rate monitor watch and I'm pretty proud to share that I busted out 1150 calories.  My goal for the next 12 weeks is to burn 7000 calories a week.  So the math that I'm doing is sort of quasi-acurate but lets say I need 2000 calories as my base metabolic survival (it's 500 calories higher because I'm nursing), if I want to create a deficit of 1000 a day than I eat 2000 calories and burn 1000 at the gym or eat 1500 and burn 500 at the gym or eat 1000 and don't burn any at the gym... (I am NOT a fan of the 3rd method... I like food way way too much for that).  The problem I have is that I'm not a calorie counter, but I guess for the next 12 weeks I'll have to try.  Honestly I find it much easier to eat healthy and clean and just burn the calories at the gym.  Yes I am lazy that way! 


  1. Hey Nat!
    You can use a free site like myfitnesspal.co to log your workouts and food. For food, it provides a breakdown of calories, fat, sodium, sugar, etc. and generates cute little graphs. I use it! Let me know if you join so we can check out each other`s food diaries!

  2. My sister got me into myfitnesspal.com. She uses it on a regular basis, but I'm just not into counting calories either, so I just use it once in a while to see where I am.