Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Raw Asparagus Salad!

So we all know what BBQ season means!  Tons of meat grilled with lots of extra grams of saturated fat (in the beef burgers). But I challenge you to try something different this year.  When everyone is grabbing stuff to throw on the grill why no go raw instead!  You will feel so good about it!!!  Have you ever eaten raw asparagus?  Well assuming it's the good stuff either from a farmer's market (local and organic) or from your own garden like mine, it is amazing raw! The tender white center is so sweet, sort of like the tender inside a broccoli stem!  (Please tell me you don't compost this part, it is sooo good, just peel away the tough outside and the inside is delicious)

 This salad has massaged kale and spinach (in olive oil), asparagus, red peppers, carrots (I got these at Organic Garage, the kids love how they are pre-cut), tempeh, humus and beanitos.

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  1. Because I love you, I will try raw asparagus. I am not a fan of asparagus but think it would be a good thing to try. Thanks!