Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day!

I realize this post is very late but HEY it's better now than never because... my friends I need to share with you the most wonderful,taste bud tantalizing, palate flirtation food I have  ever tasted.  Bacon dipped in dark chocolate!  (bottom left corner)

My mother's day brunch was a cornucopia of awesomeness.  Two types of pancakes (mine were gluten free oatmeal, extra protein powder added and the others were the buttermilk oatmeal pancakes), two types of turkey sausage, bacon, tons of fruit and the coup de resistance was the dark chocolate made "a-la-fondue" style.  We had visitors to share in our feast. Shout out to Christine, Shawn and their two lovies, Serenity and Gabriel! 

So to all my followers, yes I do realize this is not very clean! (well the bacon at least) but for one day of the year I allow my children to dip anything they want in dark chocolate!  Hopefully this tradition will stick for many many years to come. 

Each kid had a plate filled with food and their own individual chocolate to dip it in! Most popular was watermelon dipped in chocolate!

Live shot!  all dips and focus here!



  1. What a feast. My mouth is watering! Happy Mother's Day from Roz

  2. Looking good Nat! PS I like Marc's t-shirt. :)