Monday, May 28, 2012

My new Goal: Complete a triathalon by 09.2012

I must be completely insane.  Well it's not enough that I do hot yoga a couple of times a week, or that I workout at Goodlife a few times also in a week... Now I'm running (ps, I hate running) and biking.  Guess all I need to do is hit the pool and I'm well on my way to completing a triathlon.  I was a competitive swimmer back in the day, so I do know "how" to swim.  Doesn't mean my muscles are going to be used to that type of punishment, because if I learned one thing in my 4 years of Kinesiology at Mac was that you can be in the best of shape in one sport, but it doesn't transfer.  You can still suck in another sport. (ie. elite swimmers can't necessarily run long and hard like they can swim)  Muscular efficiency is something that training is for (mental note! should I get a coach?). 

Now that said, I've made a goal. Complete a triathlon!  I've since done a tad of research and realized I can specify what type of triathlon.  So I've opted to compete a sprint triathlon.  This is 750m swim, 20K bike, 5K run.  Piece of cake!  (or so I will keep telling myself over an over again)

So in order to train for this, with the very limited funds that I have available.  Ahhhkkk did I mention I need to buy a road bike too!  Do you know how expensive those are, good heavens, a cheap one is still 500$.  Well technically I don't need a road bike, I have a hybrid but still...Ok so, back to the training.  Obviously, I've found some online training schedules, that basically tell you how many minutes to train for, in what even and on what day. I've also asked my brother to bug his varsity swim coach to write up a few swimming practises for me.  Since this is my first one, I'm not really too concerned about spending loads of cash on the gear, I'll probably train in an outdoor pool in the summer and when it's the actual race day, I'll put a pair of tight shorts over a bathing suit and Bob's your uncle.  No worries.  I'm sure my butt doesn't need fancy shmancy riding shorts or I won't need a wet suit to stay floating (I've been known to be pretty buoyant).

Do you think you would do something like this?  Would you train with me?  Bike around north Burlington and run laps around the block with me.  The sprint tri is at the end of August.  Who's in???

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