Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Happy List

In an effort to "heal" during my time of ppd (postpartum depression) I am trying to create a "Happy List".  The things that make me happy, well or maybe just less miserable. Of course winning a million dollars or going an a vacation without kids would make me happy, but I also need to be realistic! I am stuck at home or near home, we don't have much/or any disposable income and all other conceivable limitations due to my circumstance apply... yada yada yada...

  So when the deep dark abysmal place hits me I can re-read this post and try something, anything that might help!  So here goes!

My Happy List

1) Well currently I am in pretty good spirits and that can be attributed to:

- Tea
- Blogging
- A Gluten Free cinnamon treat
- (and who am I kidding, two peacefully sleeping kids that I successfully put down for naps, at the same time!!!)

2) I find I am very content when I'm at Indigo in AM with only the baby; this can be a combination of;

- Free refills on coffee and tea (at the Starbucks, because my card is registered)
- Ability to read my book (mostly uninterrupted)
- Some very friendly locals who know me and the baby pretty well by now

3) I enjoy myself when I am surrounded by like minded individuals like:

- Play dates with my kids/friends
- OEYC groups (my PPD group) -click for the link!
- Hot Yoga

4) I feel like I'm shining when I am teaching people about:

- Food (health tips,recipes, ideas for integrating health and clean food into anyone's current diet )
- Wellness
- Fitness

5) And last but not least my list of self-indulgences that do cost money and that are somewhat shallow but I'm learning not to care what anyone thinks;

- a nice long pedicure
- an hour long massage from Ed (at Goodlife Burlington, ask for him, I highly recommend him)
- dark chocolate (pretty much on anything, peanut butter balls, strawberries, bacon...)
- a meal at The Naked Sprout
- putting the kids in daycare so I can actually sleep for a couple of hours during the day AND not do the laundry! 

 I guess I could have added stuff like a hot bath, nature walks and cooking and baking!  Those are free but do require alot of prep and work!  Do you know how much work it is to actually take a hot bath when you have 3 kids who can hear the sound of a tub filling up from a 10 mile radius and all try to jump in at the same time, regardless of the poor mom who is trying to take a relaxing soak!!! Or packing everyone up for a nature walk? Snacks, availability of "potties", extra clothing, diaper bag, baby carrier... the list goes on... sometimes not even worth the effort! And even though I love to cook, I really truly love to do it when 6 extra little hands aren't trying to "help"!  


  1. Sounds like a great list Natalie! I would love a play date as soon as you are ready!

  2. Very inspirational! I am also going to work on a happy list. My friend and I use to e-mail each other every morning to say one thing we are thankful but we stopped. Think it is time to start up again! Tomorrow, I am going to tell her I am thankful for your blog.

  3. That's a wonderful list! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Great list. I'm glad you're able to see the sunshine in your life. So when do I get to have a playdate with you???? I'm off on Fridays.

  5. It was a pleasure seeing you today. I love this totally fits today. :)

  6. Great to see you blogging Natalie. I miss you in BodyAttack (#1 on my happy list, followed by coffee and a nice pedicure as a very close 2nd and 3rd)....take care of yourself mama.