Sunday, February 19, 2012

Juicing my cold away!

Well Friday night I could feel some slight sniffle coming on, but like in the past I've been able to fight it off, however... this time the stupid bug caught me.  Pesky little bugger!  My morning wasn't too bad, I took some tylenol with my oatmeal and eggs and brought Annaliese to her gymnastics.  I was still surviving pretty well until we put the kids down for their nap.. and bang!!! I was hit.  I had a spinach protein smoothy for my lunch and took a nap.  I was still feeling pretty crappy so I just hung out in bed for most of the day...Sigh!!!! Why is it as a mom the only time I get to be lazy is when I'm really sick, ps my insides had also turned to water.. and I was having major cramping... I hoped this wasn't the beginning of a flu bug, because I also had a headache.  So at this point I ramped up my defenses' by adding loads of squeezed lemon in my water and making green juice to sip on.  I also had some tuna and cherry tomatoes for diner. 

A good night sleep and MAGIC!!!!

Today other than a funny voice and a little runny nose, I feel really good.  Here is how I made my green juice.
Ingredients: 1/2 english cuc., 1 apple, 1 lemon, 7 stalks of celery, a bunch of kale.

I quarter my apple and it goes in seeds and all.

Same with the lemon, peel and all!

This is the pulp after running it all through the juicer once.  I will run it through again!

The pulp and the juice left from all those lovely greens and fruit.

Take that Cold!!!!  
And just in case you don't think it tastes good!!!  Check this out. 

OOoohhhh Yah!!!  That's my boy.   He loves it!


  1. Do not consume or juice apple seeds. They are one of the few seeds that can make you ill.

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