Friday, February 17, 2012

Annaliese's Art

I've heard a few mom's mention how everyday their kids pull out "half tree's worth of paper" from their backpack.  Oh I know all about that!!!   And I used to struggle with what to do with it all, put it on the fridge... ha ha!!! that worked for the first couple of years, but now with 3 kids bring home arts and crafts the fridge can't handle it all.  And if you have seen the size of my house, saving it all is not an option.

 So some of it get's put up, some of it get recognition and once the kids go to bed it gets stuffed to the bottom of the blue box (you don't' ever want to be called on - throwing your kids work out), and finally some of it gets immortalized via the digital camera.  It's a win-win, they feel pride that we are capturing and appreciating their work and I get to occasionally see that my fridge is in fact white!

Annaliese made this little paper puppy for her brother and named it Sal, the name of Luke's best friend...

Our family!  (on the Rt: Grand-maman - my mom, Deda - my dad, Ian-my baby bro, Jason - my other bro)  She clearly did this on her own, seriously she is that cute.  Did I mention she's only 5!!!!!

I'm not really sure what that extra yellow "leg" is for, I'll have to ask her!  But look!!! the nose is sooo cute!  I said look at the nose!!!!  (not the yellow straw)

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