Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When the almost 4 year old takes pictures

Ok I admit I was too lazy too go downstairs to see his finished puzzle so I sent him with the camera.  What a hoot when I actually saw the pictures. 

Not bad eh? 

Ha ha, evidence that we are behind on our laundry!   (thanks for the reminder Luke!)


Yup it works!    (this made my heart melt)

Luke taking a picture of Patrick trying to re-build the silly eraser puzzles I bought...  (I didn't know they would come apart into a million pieces)

Yayyy!  the roof on the barn!  (Isn't it cute how Patrick has to sit on Luke finished puzzle)

The way out!

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  1. Kids are so cute with cameras. William has become quite the photographer while Jadzia can't seem to figure out which way to point the camera. Lots of pictures of her eye.