Saturday, November 5, 2011

I live in a FUN house!

The more I think about it,...  The more I realize I live my life like a fun house in a circus.  We are 5 people soon to be 6 crammed into a 3 bedroom house.  I have a toy room that takes up the whole basement (minus the bathroom/laundry room).  All our furniture is oversized and I am constantly rearranging it hoping to get more space (which I never get), just a different look/perspective.  Sometimes the kids run laps around the kitchen, through the hall, around the living room for more than 30 minutes, I get dizzy just watching them.  I let them jump on my bed because I love it when Patrick calls it "a bouncy castle" ( I leave all the pillows on - like 12 of them).  We love loud music and dance like maniacs to songs like "I like to Move It" by crazy frog.  It sounds like a zoo when all 3 kids are excited and screaming like banchies.

I am a lion tamer
I am a tight rope walker
I am a conductor
I am a zookeeper
I am a clown

I am the clean up crew when all the fun is over for the night!!!


  1. Great analogy, great post! Won't be long before your circus crew gets bigger.