Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I am thrilled to finally have new shoes.  This triathlon training is expensive but I think I've been doing ok.  I sold my blue steel bike yesterday, and with that cash, plus a bit of money I made selling some of the kids clothes earlier in June.  I walked into The Running Company with my 200$ cash. They were wonderful!  Amazing actually, I tried on about 7 pairs of shoes and ran in each of them (down the block and back)...yes I think I did get a bonus workout today! Greg knew how much money I had, knew that I was with the Mommy's in Motion tri group, and checked out my feet/gait/stride and wear patterns on my old shoes. He did his job and found me a pair of racing shoes (he must have told me 10 times that these are ONLY for races)... lol.  Aren't they cute!  Plus they installed the shoe laces and told me how to use them...  I know it sounds dumb but I wanted to know what to expect coming off my bike (without socks) getting into these.  I practised in the store, under their tutelage!  I am that lame! But aren't they super duper cute!

 And these more hearty shoes are my new training shoes.  I added the red laces to spiff them up a bit! They are great for me, apparently I have a good arch. But from the multiple shoes I tried on Greg deduced that I like a snug fit on my heal and I have a wide toe heal.  Um ok thanks!  But the shoes are very comfy. I'm by no means an expert but I think paying 202$ (with tax and the laces) for 2 new pair of shoes is pretty darn good! And really who cares if it's the placebo effect, but I plan on running stupid fast in the race in my new pretty pink shoes!
ps.  The Running Company sells triathlon gear and clothing!

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