Friday, July 27, 2012

Quinoa burgers

Tomorrow we are having friends over for a BBQ and I asked Mark to pick up some veggie burgers.  Guess what the 3rd ingredient is???  Wheat gluten!  Go figure.  So I decided to give quinoa burgers a try. I made quinoa the other day and had some left over. I should or could have looked up a recipe, but you know me... They never completely suit my needs so better to just improvise with what I had on hand (or in the garden, as it may be).

  So I contemplated what I would need to make the quinoa "stick together"... like an egg in some hamburgers, but since I'm nearly vegan I thought I would try something else.  I added ground flax seeds instead, as a binder.  Then I added a bit of extra water so the flax could actually bind and create a jelly (not like I could see this happening) But I figure I'll just go through my thought process.  So base done; now to add flavour, I grated up some red onion (from garden), zucchini(from garden) and sweet potato(I've been told we can't grow these... too bad).   Added some seasonings  (I used garlic powder and oregano), they smelled amazing at this point.  But something was missing, I still didn't think these would actually hold so I added about 2 tbsp of coconut flour.

 Now for these I fried the bottom in coconut oil in my cast iron pan, then transferred them into 400F oven for 25minutes.  I ate 2 tonight, couldn't help myself... They are crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. 
The brown top is from the coconut oil in the cast iron!  (ok so slightly labour intensive but sooo yummy!)

They stick!!!!! (together I mean... not to the pan or baking sheet)

Ready to toss on the grill to re-heat tomorrow! 

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