Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tri-training Update!

I realize it's been a while since updating everyone on my triathlon training.  Today is a good day to update you since I did the equivalent of a sprint tri this morning.  It was great!  Ohhhh and I'm not sure if I told you either but I got a new bike (well used) but still nearly new.  It still had the stickers on it.   I got it for 880$ (which is a shit load of money, I know!) But since I'm going back to work in September I used that leverage to get a real road bike.  I love it!  It's a 2008 Trek Pilot 2.1... which basically means it's about 15lbs lighter than my old road bike!  I've learned so much since starting this venture, words like carbon forks and seat stays.   Which my new bike has.  The bike weights 18lbs...  hee hee! So awesome... anyway I digress...

Today I started off suiting up in my new tri-suit. (pretty much the cheapest one I could find) 90$. From Foot Tools   They did a great job, I only had 120$ left after my bike purchase and they did what they could for me!  I got a discount because I am part of the Mommy's in Motion group! So suit and a pack of socks (you know fancy shmancy running/biking socks) not cotton!

 Sports bra (that is not cotton)...  I wasn't paying much attention to the seminar on sports bars but I did remember the comment don't run in anything cotton!  Those are my bike shoes which I got for stupid cheat at least, 1$ at the Mountain Coop Bikefest earlier this year, the clips were on another pair of shoes that I bought for 5$. Normally these things are about 75$+15$.  Are you keeping track...  I did not exactly pick the cheapest sport to get into.  Anyway,  got on my bike...

 Packed my camel bag (a water bag to put my few things in and lots of water). It was hot today around 37C so I had about 2L of water on me.  I rode to the outdoor pool and brought my bike right on deck (they were nice about that, because I didn't want to bring a bike lock).
 I swam 800m pretty fast (well fast for me) in about 13mins, then got out, ripped off my cap and goggles, stuffed them in my pack, put on my shoes and helmet and off I went.  It was actually the first time I swam in the tri suit, it wasn't that bad actually!  It's a nice snug fit so nothing was dragging.  Good investment for now, I do not plan on wearing a wet suit, so I should save some time on my transitions, going from lake to bike with only this suit on!
My swimming pass (for lap swimming) at all Burlington pools was 70$ for the summer months.
On my bike I did a nice loop around Burlington doing around 28km, I added a nuun (electrolyte supplement) to my water bottle on my bike so that helped. I ended up at my house, scarfed a larabar, put on my running shoes, drank more water and went out for a 5K run.  To be honest this was the leg that I was dreading, the bike was awesome, the water on my skin kept me cool at first, (I didn't dry off, no room for a towel) then the nice wind kept me going.  The scenery changing was wonderful, biking on Lakeshore for about 8km then going up North and doing the same on quiet roads with rolling hills.

 The run, is tough. There is a reason why we do brick workouts in training.  It is because you are doing these perfect circles with your legs on your bike for a long ride and then suddenly you are off and stumbling into a running gait.  Not so easy. (You feel like you are running with bricks in your shoes) At least I didn't fall!  I've realized the key is to take a few really short steps until you feel like you can actually run! Anyway...  I did it!  Swim/Bike/Run

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  1. Glad you are having fun with this! Sounds and looks like quite the learning experience. Enjoy!