Friday, March 23, 2012

Pictures of Clean Lunches for Cooler 1

Super clean Toco salad: ground turkey with cherry tomatoes and grated zucchini and chili spices, chili flavoured sweet potato chips on spinach. (dusted with flax meal)

Sweet potato and zucchini pancakes (made the on the bbq because it was to hot outside to turn on the oven) over spinach, topped with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, balsamic and flax seed oil. With a protein smoothy:cucumber, frozen apple slices, protein powder (plain, unsweetened), squeezed lime juice, parsley, ice and water

Curried sweet potato soup (sweet potato, celery, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, garlic powder and curry powder) drizzled with pumpkin seed oil, in the back is a piece of leftover frittata [made with some leftover grilled veggies from the other day (broccoli/tomatoes), some grated sweet potato and zucchini (leftover from the sweet potato pancakes) a green onion and celery] and steamed green beans.
So what do you think? Do I eat like a rabbit? (maybe a giant carnivorous one???) and yes these are the types of meals I make myself daily.  I use leftovers to make leftovers.  Did you notice a pattern in my ingredients? That is because I went shopping once on Sunday and bought tons of zucchini, sweet potato, celery, cherry tomato, spinach and cucumber (among other veggies) not much fruit though, only the apple that I cut up and put in the freezer to add to my smoothy.  Did you also notice that I add a healthy oil to every meal? I am very conscious of making sure that me and my baby get enough omega's. Good for my metabolism and good for her growing and developing brain.

 Cheers!  Happy clean eating.

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  1. Thanks for posting these. People think it is expensive to eat healthy but it`s not any more expensive than going out all the time or buying processed meals.