Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kale salad

Sometimes the tastiest meals are ones that are simple, healthy and shared with special people.  Tonight we had our adopted family over for a bbq.  I made burger`s because that`s always easy, and I didn't have any romaine to make some ceasar so I decided to try my hand at a light kale salad (inspired by the one made at the Naked Sprout).

 First I mixed flaxseed oil with some minced garlic and massaged that on the finely chopped kale and spinach, then I squeezed a lemon half over everything, added hemp hearts, green onions, some chopped apple, mixed seeds and dried cranberries.

  It was heaven, but not as popular as the roasted broccoli I also made on the bbq.  (I forgot to take pictures) But basically I put parchment paper on a cookie sheet, on the top rack of the bbq.  I placed the broccoli, which I had lightly coated in a grain oil I use (you could use coconut), on it and left it in the hot bbq until it started to turn brown on the edges.  Over half an hour I think.  Then I used the leftover flaxseed oil and garlic and drizzled that over the broccoli.  Huge hit! 

So my Sunday family meal was: burgers with those multi-grain flat bread, roasted broccoli, massaged kale salad and some raw veggies (cucs/carrots/broccoli) for the family members that don't like kale or cooked broccoli... ahemmm Mark!

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  1. Your salad sounds awesome!!! I know its simple, but sometimes, that all it needs to be. Simple, balanced and satisfying! :)