Monday, November 5, 2012

A New Journey.... to self transformation

Another challenge 21 days long!  But this time it's all about meditation.  I have never in my life attempted to meditate over the course of a set amount of days. Sure I've done it at the end of my yoga practises. And I partially think that I can meditate because I'm too physically exhausted to "twitch or move", so I can just STAY and BE PRESENT and MINDFUL. 

Here is the link, I'm not sure if it's too late to sign up. I am very blessed to have a close friend who literally reminded me 5 times to sign up, and then she checked in today to make sure I got the first email!  Thank goodness for a friend who shares her abundance with me. Her love and caring is contagious.... Now I'm going to share with you what I learned... or what I will learn throughout this process. 
Today I followed along, once the kitchen was clean, my school work was done and I could just sit on my bed and feel like nothing pressing needed to get done! I clicked on the play button and wow... I felt so completely relaxed by the end that part way through the meditation (Sooooo Hummmm, Sooooo-breath in-----Hummm-breath out---sooooo hummmm... ) I found my chin resting on my chest... whoa how did that happen.  I actually got so into my "mindful presence" that I didn't notice my body totally relaxing that much. So tomorrow I will lie on my back to meditate (the way we do after yoga).
The message for today was to behold the abundance that surrounds us... I will keep reflecting on this tomorrow as I go through my busiest day at school and I'm hoping that I can remember and catch myself "acknowledging" or being "open" to the abundance that others have to offer.  

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