Friday, June 22, 2012

From Market to Table!

Yup most of the strawberries were eaten on the way home.

Friday means farmer's market day (well so does Wednesday and Saturday morning) but I love doing it Friday morning because my favorite farmer "Ray" is at the booth and he is so wonderful. Taking the time to answer all my OCD questions.  "What do you do about rabbits?How do you get rid of slugs? When do you pick your garlic? Where do you plant the kale?" etc.... I really do pester him that much.  But lets me honest, he loves it!  The poor man spends all day (except friday in the field) from sun up to sun down! And so does his poor wife!  They both love their days at the Market!  I got my eggs, peas, tomatoes and strawberries from him today!  Salsa, kettle corn and bagels from others!  I made an omelet (or frittata, what ever you want to call it)!

Here are the pics.  I also used my own garden produce to make these!

The guy who makes this sells it :) fun!

The owner of this company is soooo sweet!  she knows me (ok well I go every week for my bag of sweet and salty) and she gives me double stamps on my cards sometimes :)

Random shot! Our garlic is almost ready to be picked!  Some of them are the size of baseballs already!!!

A little red onion that I pulled out accidentally when weeding, so it will go in my omelet!

I just thought everyone should see what asparagus looks like (during the off season), that tall wispy plant in the middle of this shot is what an asparagus sprig turns into. 

Very fern like, it needs to go into this "flower" phase to regenerate the roots so that next spring we can get a whole new batch of wonderful asparagus!

My super awesome herb garden!  Random tree growing in it (I didn't plant it, it was a seed planted by an animal and I let it grow).  For my omelet I picked kale, oregano, parsley and basil! and chives for the garnish!

Goes on the bottom of my frying pan! (or skillet, not really sure what to call it)

I used a tiny bit of this grated!

All the ingredients were chopped up, mixed and and cooked on the stove (med-low heat) till the bottom started to bubble, then I put it under the broil and added the salsa and cheese!

It did in fact come off the pan that easy!

Added the goats milk yogourt and chives!



  1. Looks delicious! I am so impressed your omelet didn't stick to the pan. I had one like that but it was a nightmare.

    1. The secret is to use coconut oil and to use the broil (if gives the chance for the pores on the bottom of the pan to close back up and release the food). So does letting it sit to cool off! ~ lol, I know so difficult when you are hungry!