Sunday, June 3, 2012

Frimp Cabobs!

So my almost 3 year old son still calls shrimp `frimp`, I think that is the cutest thing ever.  I so I don`t correct him.  Tonight I marinated some shrimp in lemon juice, oregano, dijon mustard and some broth from a soup I made.  Then skewed them red peppers, cherry tomatoes and broccoli (stems and flowers).  So good!  Oh and the best part was the drizzle of garlic and hot pepper infused flax seed oil, after grilling of course!  (I wouldn't want to lose any of the healthy EFA's to the heat)

I love love love this new find!!!  I got it at organic garage in Oakville!  13$ - I normally keep my flax seed oil in the freezer, but I think I will use this up so fast so it's staying in my fridge!

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